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Free Robux – How to get free robux (100% Real)

Roblox is a multiplayer game that uses robux as digital currency. Here you will learn, in a 100% real way, how to get free robux in Roblox. By using several techniques and exploiting some other situations.

Robux is the name given to the digital currency which is very useful, to achieve a large number of benefits inside Roblox. Because of that, there is nothing better than finding effective ways of finding robux free.

But, before anything else, you need to know how Roblox and the currency robux work. It is necessary to be aware of both names in order to enjoy everything the game offers.

The Roblox

Roblox is a game that was created, initially, so children could learn some basic notions of physics. In the game you can create new games, customizing spaces, characters and defining situations and missions.

All of that may cost money or be worth some money. Because of that, within the platform a digital currency, called Robux, is used. Without it, it is impossible to acquire products, access keys or passes inside the game.

That is why it became so important to find ways of getting free robux. With a full wallet the situations within the game become more interesting. So, you will find below the best ways to get Robux free 2020.

But first, let’s start from the beginning.

How to install Roblox

Installing a Roblox game is a very easy task. You need only to choose the device in which it will be installed, whether the PC, notebook, cellphone, tablet, etc.

Now, the first thing to do is connect to the internet and access the company’s official website, the

On the website, you must follow the steps below and, you quickly will be playing and having fun:

  1. Log in;

  2. Choose the game which you desire to start playing;

  3. Click on the green button which has the inscription “play”;

  4. Wait for the pop up window, which informs the installation to close;

  5. After the installation is finished, the game will start automatically.

Afterwards, you may want the Roblox Studio. In this case, you need to click on the 3 dots that stay in the top corner of any of the games that you choose. Once open the menu, follow the steps below:

  • Click in edit;

  • The Robux Studio will be installed automatically;

  • Once installed, it will open.

Done, now you are able to take advantage of everything Roblox has to offer. The roblox studio will allow you to give your face to the games and characters and you can even win some robux later on.

How to place Robux?

The robux can be placed in the digital wallet of Roblox in several ways. Here we will focus on how to get free robux, but, so you won’t get lost, we’ll also give some tips at the end, on how to buy the robux in the common way.

It is very important to know that you have many options, and can choose the one more suited for you. Free or paid, the robux have the same value inside the Roblox, so you use them any way you see fit.

We will start by knowing how much we will save with the free robux that you will get by following the orientations that are below.

How much is a Robux?

The robux sold in the platform Roblox are not available unitarily, but rather in packs, with a determined number. So, as it is not possible to buy one robux at a time, the interesting thing is to check the packs and see which is more interesting.

It is also worth noting that robux packs are sold by Roblox in dollars. This means that you have to be aware to the rate of the American currency, because it is based on it that the conversion will be made in your credit card, for example.

At last, but not least, it is good to know that, as everything in Brazil, some fees will still be applied to the purchase price. Only by adding it all up you will truly know the price of the robux you are acquiring.

But don’t worry. Even with those details, the robux still can be purchased by a small super affordable price. That is because Roblox works with options of packages sales, which allows a more affordable price.

On the platform there are two purchase options, one with smaller packages and other with larger packages, called economic.

So are the initial prices to purchase robux in the traditional way:

  • 400 robux: US$ 4.99;

  • 800 robux: US$ 9.99;

  • 1.700 robux: US$ 19.99;

There is an alternative given by Roblox, which allows the user to acquire a larger robux pack for a smaller price with two alternatives.

  • Economic pack with 4.500 robux: US$ 49.99;

  • Economic pack with 10.000 robux: WS$ 99.99.

In either situation, the individual price of the robux will not be so expansive. Therefore, the purchase should not be discarded and may even be seem as an investment, depending on what your intentions are on the game.

How to have Robux totally free

The game of Roblox is making a lot of people interested, but what you really want to know is how to get free robux, isn’t it? Very well, now that the greater difficulties were already surpassed, we will show you all the alternatives to receive robux free.

That is right, now you will know the best tactics to own free Robux on Roblox.

The options below are the more interesting ones for you who needs a long-term method for generating Robux. Because of that, you will see many options on getting robux and will be able to choose the one that most pleases you.

The methods to get free robux today are:

  • Unlimited robux;

  • Selling customized clothes;

  • Selling ads in games;

  • Robux Code;

  • Selling passes for games and access to premium games;

  • Signing Robux Premium plan.

Below we will explain each of these methods so that you can finally fill your wallet with as many Robux as you can.

Getting unlimited robux

This is a way to get free Robux on Roblox, that requires a lot of cleverness and awareness at what is going on right now. That is because in order to get unlimited robux it is necessary to keep an eye on bugs and cracks that happen in game.

At certain times, the game may present some problems that can be exploited by the players. Internet users who keep an eye on the game or youtubers usually make several tutorials explaining how you can do that.

However, it is important that you are paying attention and act quickly, as soon as you find out about something like that. That is because Roblox is always keeping an eye for such flaws and, whenever it starts getting exploited, the company acts to stop the unlimited robux generator.

Selling customized clothes

One of the cheaper ways to get Roblox is to build your game from zero, working in the appearance of the characters, the way they dress and the objects they wear. That is exactly how you find a good alternative to get free robux.

So, if you are used to elaborating good clothing to your characters and they are interesting to other players, you could get a good amount of robux in the game, by just selling pants and shirts made by yourself, for example.

The Roblox needs some time for the sale to take place. Then, during around three days that customized clothing that you sold will be a pending transaction. Only after everything is verified, the robux will finally be on your account.

But here comes the catch. If you really want to find robux free, a good alternative would be to sign Roblox Premium. That is because by having a subscription, you can get much higher profits on each piece of clothing.

A subscriber of Roblox Premium earns 70% of the robux generated by selling each of his customized pants or shirts. Meanwhile a regular player, who does not have a subscription, only gets 10% of the sale price. That means the subscription is worth it.

Selling ads in games

In this case, the selling can be viewed in a different way, as you will not put your game up for sale, but instead apply for ads. The Roblox Company however, places some limitations for players and make some demands for the games.

To get the robux that will come from the ads you will need to create games that have a really good appeal and really creative design. Those games that become more friendly and interesting for children tend to be the most successful in getting ads.

A limitation used by the company is the prohibition of putting known name inside the game. That is important to avoid lawsuits, for example. Thus, it is worth making the game be the more original as you can which is also seen with good eyes.

Likewise, it is important that the game has a good development, is updated and presents few problems in gameplay. The company will assess the number of players and wether there are many complaints about it.

If your game has all of that, in order to get Roblox to put ads on it so you may start earning your robux, just promote it in your social media by using the hashtag #ROBLOXRisingStar.

With that, the Roblox Company will notice your interest in receiving ads and will analyze your game. The analysis is a bit subjective, so, if it does not work in the first time, don’t give up, and keep trying.

Robux Code

The Roblox already possess a toy line inspired in the online game. Each of those toys have a robux code that allows you, after some steps, to get a huge amount of free robux.

After acquiring the toy you will see that, in his top there is a Robux Card. Normally it is inside the package, to avoid theft. Remove the card from wherever it is and follow the steps below.

  1. Analyze if the code is open or not. If it cannot be viewed, then lightly scratch it with the nail or a non-cutting object;
  2. Get connected with the Roblox by using a cellphone or computer;
  3. Access the codes redemption page;
  4. Press the numbers that are in your Robux Code.

Once the code is inserted in the right place, just redeem your free robux, which will go straight into your digital wallet on the Roblox platform.

Selling passes for games and access to premium games

This is another very interesting way to get free robux in the Roblox platform. You can sell either the accesses to games or the passes, but each has its own specifications as to the amount of robux they can yield.

First of all it is important to know that both can be created indiscriminately by Roblox users. Without a premium subscription, this is the best way to get free robux 2020.

About the passes, it is important to note that they are special feature items that can be used in the game. They might offer options, such as chat, vehicles, powers and other points that can be of interest of other players.

As for the access keys, they are very useful because they allow you to sell exactly that, a code that allows the buyer to access a game that can only be accessed through payment.

For those who want robux free this alternative is very good, but it is important to pay attention. The access keys have a limited price (1000 robux). It already is a very relevant price, but do not think you will fill you digital wallet just with that.

Lastly, it is important to point out that the subscribers of Roblox Premium have a right to 70% of the exchange value of passes and access keys. Meanwhile, those who don’t subscribe will have only 10%, which is much less.

Signing up Roblox Premium plan

Finally, we left a case of getting free robux, but not totally for free. In any case, the subscription of the Roblox Premium plan in on the list due to the benefits it can give to players, in many ways.

About the plan, it is important to highlight that the simple subscription already gives the player a kind of “wage”. This means that, from the moment the player becomes premium, he will start receiving, monthly, a specific amount of free robux.

Currently these amounts can be from 450, 1000 or 2200 robux every month. The subscription, besides this hefty income, it also helps by, whenever you effectively buy the robux, it gives a 10% discount on every transaction using the digital currency.

Just like the packages to buy robux, the subscription prices are in dollars. There is also another type of subscription so, you need to check what the prices are and which offers the more interesting benefits.

How to buy Robux?

If despite all of those options of getting Robux free on roblox, you still need more, then an alternative is to buy the digital currency the traditional way. That way, the money you have on your account will become money within the game.

To do that you have currently many means of payment available, which are:

  • Bank slip;

  • Debit card;

  • PayPal; and

  • Credit card.

So, with the card in hands, if you wish to make the online purchase, or with the printed billet, just finish the transaction so that the robux can go straight into your digital wallet, within the game.

It is good to be aware of some basic points:

  • Check if there is balance on the debit card;

  • Check the credit card limit;

  • Analyze the information inserted at the time of the transaction;

  • Wait the deadline for the payment of the billet to take effect.

In case there is any kind of negative transaction, involving credit or debit cards, it is always good to contact the operator, who will be able to give you the best information on problems that may have occurred.

How to buy Robux with cell phone credits?

For those who want to buy robux you will need to download and install the Roblox Mobile App. The application is available in stores like Itunes, Amazon and Google play, so that you can find it easily.

The app is available for both android and iOS.

Once the Roblox Mobile App is installed, you must open it and follow the instructions as soon as the home page opens:

  1. Choose a robux subscription;
  2. Select the plan you want to purchase;
  3. Confirm the purchase, the moment the pop up window opens.

So, without making much effort you will quickly have a good amount of robux in your digital wallet.


Now that you already understood how Roblox works, and what the uses of robux are, you can start organizing to start filling your digital wallet. With money on the safe, you will have many more options to have fun in the game.

Even better if you follow any of our tips and get free robux. The ways are varied and if you combine them together, you can get an amount of robux that is enough to guarantee a good time of fun inside the game.

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